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We are sorry, but our tourist information office at Großflecken is closed.

Welcome to Neumünster!

After a longer interruption, regular monthly city tours are offered again.

The city tours always take place on the first Saturday of the month. The meeting point is at 10:00 a.m. in front of the Vicelin Church. The tours of the city centre usually last two hours - and are free of charge.

The first tour after the long break will take place on Saturday, 06 May 2023. This will be followed by 03 June, 01 July, 05 August, 02 September and 07 October 2023.

Contact address
Urte Grode, speaker of the guide team
Telephone +49 (0) 4321 513 31
Birkenweg 45a • 24537 Neumünster

Devices navigating our routes conquer our everyday lives: Driving a car, riding a bike, hiking and at the so-called geocaching they are useful helpers – given they measure precisely enough. “We would like to enable users of these devices to check them for their accuracy. This GPS point of reference works as a service station for our citizens and guests!”, said the former Lord Mayor Dr Olaf Tauras. “Not at last the rising importance of navigation devices steadily increases the necessity for geo data. Geo data is everywhere – and our authority of measurement and geoinformation Schleswig-Holstein gathers and delivers them” adds head of department Thomas Klesen. “The GPS point of reference at the well-frequented Kleinflecken (city square) is an excellent public showpiece for the topics of navigation and geodata.”
For the calibration of the mark the GNSS receiver accumulated and evaluated the signals of at least four satellites. Thus, a coordinate could be determined inch by inch.

Because of the direct connection of the NMS2GO WLAN (Wifi) access points through glass fibre cables a high data transfer rate is guaranteed. The network is being extended to the whole city centre step by step. Already today, many parts of Großflecken and Kuhberg are very well supplied by the eight installed hot spots.